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About Our Dental Practice - Redlands Family Dental

Since 1988, our Redlands dentist has been providing patient-friendly and customized dental treatment to ensure that patients can enjoy healthy smiles for a lifetime. From cosmetic dentistry to create flawless teeth, to preventive dentistry to avoid caries and soft tissue infection, all staff members of Redlands Family Dentistry are at your service.

Comfortable Dental Care in Redlands, CA

Dr. Cesario is committed to making sure you feel relaxed and comfortable at our office. We promote this experience by providing modern technology that improves the treatment process, including digital X-rays with no bulky bitewing film, prosthetics that are gentle on soft tissue, and materials that are biocompatible to avoid irritating patients’ smiles.

We also provide cable TV with screens in each operatory, so patients can sit back and enjoy preferred programming during their appointment.

Aesthetic Enhancement through Cosmetic Procedures

Patients who have had their self-esteem and oral health affected by decay, trauma, and other dental problems can find the care they need with our dentist and team. Through aesthetic treatments to brighten then color of teeth, and natural-looking restorations that replace decayed sections of teeth, our team helps patients feel good about the way they look, while making sure that decay and infection do not advance to cause additional problems.

We can also provide advanced restoration and prosthetic care through implant teeth replacement. While missing teeth can present a serious problem for health and aesthetics, implants comprehensively provide a solution for all of these bothersome side-effects. For more information about our cosmetic and restorative treatments, please feel free to browse our website to read about available services.

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Redlands Family Dentistry is located within a few blocks of downtown, historical Redlands, between E. Olive Avenue and E. Clark Street. Our doctor and team are here to cater to your needs, whether you have an emergency dental problem, are looking for a gentle dentist for your family, or have been too nervous to visit a dental in a long while.

Call our Redlands, CA dental office at 909-798-7228 to speak to a member of our team and schedule your next appointment.  

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